Americas Cheapest Family...

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  1. Alpha Bet
    Alpha Bet
    6 minutit tagasi

    This is a rich persons idea of being cheap. How embarrassing.

  2. Jamal Ahmed
    Jamal Ahmed
    19 minutit tagasi

    Imagine walking past a car and seeing cookies being cooked inside 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Petur Dimitrov
    Petur Dimitrov
    54 minutit tagasi

    America's cheapest family? They have a house with a fucking backyard

  4. vance biondo
    vance biondo
    Tund tagasi


  5. vance biondo
    vance biondo
    Tund tagasi

    All the money while you live your life watching mine go away making yours go away I AM YOUR LIFE LIX. ENJOY👍😁😘😉 ENJOY PUNCHLINE PIE 🤣 HAVE FUN SON

  6. vance biondo
    vance biondo
    Tund tagasi

    Are you gone? . Can you go away? Celing floor gang

  7. Schara Neyriz Afidchao
    Schara Neyriz Afidchao
    Tund tagasi

    His laugh at the carpet part made me feel very happy for him, this was the first time I've heard it and I really hope he does it more. 14:41

  8. Konan Amegakure
    Konan Amegakure
    2 tundi tagasi

    that's fucked. lmao.

  9. Konan Amegakure
    Konan Amegakure
    2 tundi tagasi

    was the intro diss on cocomelon? lol

  10. miko foin
    miko foin
    2 tundi tagasi

    These poor kids I feel so bad they're probably starving

  11. yasmin east
    yasmin east
    2 tundi tagasi

    To be honest I'd be disappointed if I spent $50 for my living room to look like that? If she said 25/30 I'd not think anything...but 50 for a deck chair and what looks like a beanbag insert? Nah that's not the one hun

  12. Tatiana Maniero
    Tatiana Maniero
    2 tundi tagasi

    I swear furniture is cheap why are people like this!!!

  13. langdeezy
    3 tundi tagasi

    Volume sucks ass

    1. miko foin
      miko foin
      2 tundi tagasi

      Melanie O'brian: We dont want to raise our water bill 7:20 THEN WHAT IS THIS?

    3 tundi tagasi

    Who spends $20,000 on living room furniture???

  15. Martha Bruckbauer
    Martha Bruckbauer
    3 tundi tagasi

    Best Part was 14:40 XD

  16. Trusfrated
    3 tundi tagasi

    You can use the pool water to water plants or just not let the kids swim at all💀

  17. Fengguk
    4 tundi tagasi

    these people r so dirty

  18. Adrian Peters
    Adrian Peters
    4 tundi tagasi


  19. Liberated
    6 tundi tagasi

    shit is so fake lmao

  20. SnowboarderGeek
    6 tundi tagasi

    That intro would be realistic if it was me and not you. :P

  21. Lou13k
    6 tundi tagasi

    these cant be real dude.

  22. priyanshu deshmukh
    priyanshu deshmukh
    6 tundi tagasi

    The pig teardrop goddd save me😂😂

  23. zomboss
    7 tundi tagasi

    My brother: i have the best intro ever Me: check this out

  24. Xenophobic
    7 tundi tagasi

    Why does he look like his girlfriend beat him up and he stopped crying right after the camera turned on

  25. Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman
    7 tundi tagasi


  26. Abhishek Nikam
    Abhishek Nikam
    8 tundi tagasi

    3:45 i think what the kid wants to say is "I can see my shit on the plate"

  27. Andrea Carroll
    Andrea Carroll
    8 tundi tagasi

    8:05 They bought their kids a swing set but they can't but a shower head?

  28. *hiss*
    9 tundi tagasi

    Melanie O'brian: We dont want to raise our water bill 7:20 THEN WHAT IS THIS?

  29. Maggot Muncher
    Maggot Muncher
    9 tundi tagasi

    I fucking love the intro is it like haikyuu?

  30. Jshdisis Bsheisisis
    Jshdisis Bsheisisis
    9 tundi tagasi

    My 5 month old keeps thinking it’s coco melon time and not sleep time.

  31. Sabrina Pickett
    Sabrina Pickett
    9 tundi tagasi

    That neighbour wanted them gone as fast as possible 😂

  32. Alex S
    Alex S
    9 tundi tagasi

    5:37 lmao

  33. Kervy Sanje
    Kervy Sanje
    10 tundi tagasi

    i love the haikyuu + one punch man intro, it was AMAZINGGGGGG!!!

  34. Nate Sharp
    Nate Sharp
    10 tundi tagasi

    I asked my dad who used to do carpet about latching it up and apparently it is a thing and they make a tool for it

  35. Simon-Pierre Dupuis
    Simon-Pierre Dupuis
    10 tundi tagasi

    No the patchy carpet is brutal. Someone walks into the home, and if they dont immediately walk out, the house still is instantly a fixer upper which means the money you save is coming out of the final sale X 3. Its not worth it.

  36. Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen
    10 tundi tagasi

    When pewdiepie screams wow about the "home made shower head" you can not tell me it doesn't sound like 2015 Kwebbelkop

  37. Simon-Pierre Dupuis
    Simon-Pierre Dupuis
    10 tundi tagasi

    This is all just diWHY

  38. Seniorito
    10 tundi tagasi

    I'm just interested in pewds reaction lol

  39. Qtube
    10 tundi tagasi

    Living room furniture costing $20k? Are you looking for a couch that you can shit in and have a mini fridge in it too? Lol 🤣

  40. Funkaddict23
    10 tundi tagasi

    pewdiepie is funny

  41. Zeb Hutchinson
    Zeb Hutchinson
    10 tundi tagasi

    How can he grow and shave so quick KSI waits 6 months to get a clapped beard

  42. Lincoln Ellis
    Lincoln Ellis
    11 tundi tagasi

    And he used liquid nails to glue the carpet down. lol

  43. zero mitsubishi
    zero mitsubishi
    11 tundi tagasi

    These dudes living like the hood in the skybox section. Squatting in Beverly Hills.

  44. Astin Lindsey
    Astin Lindsey
    12 tundi tagasi

    Best intro yet

  45. Oisin
    12 tundi tagasi

    This can’t be real

  46. The Golden Man
    The Golden Man
    12 tundi tagasi

    imagine your friends coming over to play and seeing THAT living room lmao

  47. Moneth WoW
    Moneth WoW
    13 tundi tagasi

    1800? to replace a fence? bro wot thats cheap in itself one 4x4 is normally 42 dollars

  48. Planetary Person
    Planetary Person
    13 tundi tagasi

    I haven’t watched pewds in a while and I forgot how heavy his accent is

  49. Saif Amirul Kasyfi
    Saif Amirul Kasyfi
    13 tundi tagasi

    Firstly, isn't there's a term unfurnished house? Do they really need to furnished the house before moving? Secondly, I couldn't agree more with pewds. Why buy carpets and those stupid bean bags and stupid little stool. My bedroom technically fully floor gang

  50. Fikin27
    13 tundi tagasi

    Sun tzu the art of war

  51. mina
    13 tundi tagasi

    Err.. was that a haikyuu reference or am I going bonkers again??

  52. DeathMoth
    14 tundi tagasi

    Do... Do they not know about Facebook market place?? My family is broke as fuck and we got our living room couches off of fb mp that were shsmpooed and cleaned for like 200/300 bucks and they're very comfy. Or do they not have internet either? Good grief. 🙈

  53. Bryson Calvert
    Bryson Calvert
    14 tundi tagasi

    6:14 Thats not a living room thats the room you crawl into to die

  54. Khairun Nisa
    Khairun Nisa
    14 tundi tagasi

    It’s always the people with the big houses doing extreme shit like this smhhhhh🤦🏻‍♀️

  55. Help me get to 5k with 0 videos please
    Help me get to 5k with 0 videos please
    14 tundi tagasi

    I hope everyone that reads this is successful in life Make sure to read my name

  56. Me. Steele
    Me. Steele
    14 tundi tagasi

    Locking Pliers*

  57. José Ribeiro
    José Ribeiro
    14 tundi tagasi

    If you want to be like Pewdiepie, kids, watch youtube videos at 2X speed.

  58. Crayson Ching
    Crayson Ching
    15 tundi tagasi

    The hallowed puffin directly surprise because kenya congruently add by a eminent sofa. yummy, fast ant

  59. Lololol
    15 tundi tagasi

    If 5 minutes crafts was a family

  60. Jess Martinez
    Jess Martinez
    16 tundi tagasi

    what if they peed in the pool 😳

  61. 3 eyed Peter
    3 eyed Peter
    16 tundi tagasi

    5:46 its not a wrench its a plier

  62. esteven burlingame
    esteven burlingame
    17 tundi tagasi

    They literally lost money not upkeeping the house LMFAO

    17 tundi tagasi

    My school district is doing the Make A Wish and I'm my Homebase representative

  64. Moraespedro098
    18 tundi tagasi


  65. SNFOX_ElSavage
    19 tundi tagasi

    Who spends 20 grand on furniture, you can get sofa, table, tv, and other stuff for less than 5 grand, unless you buying a Gucci sofa

  66. Mark Virant
    Mark Virant
    19 tundi tagasi

    Imagine them like: Americas cheapest family, and we were this badge with honor xD lol

  67. Andrew Centena
    Andrew Centena
    19 tundi tagasi

    When will you do little nightmares 2

  68. R J
    R J
    19 tundi tagasi

    Poor kids man they’ll be so embarrassed for the rest of their lives

  69. Pratik Mohanty
    Pratik Mohanty
    19 tundi tagasi

    Damn that intro though

  70. Rachael Jones
    Rachael Jones
    20 tundi tagasi

    I’m curious as to why they feel they need a bigger place? They won’t invest in their current space but want to buy a new one? I just don’t get it. This has to be heavily produced.

  71. Antonyo Barrios
    Antonyo Barrios
    22 tundi tagasi

    Pewdiepie next sponsor cocomelon

  72. IDK IDK
    22 tundi tagasi

    Just subbed 👍💛💛💛💛 Your really funny.

  73. Freeze Fef
    Freeze Fef
    23 tundi tagasi


  74. Mohammed altammemi
    Mohammed altammemi
    23 tundi tagasi

    skip 3m and start watching

  75. SAEGE
    23 tundi tagasi

    Why save the money when they’re never gonna spend it

  76. Gummy Bear
    Gummy Bear
    23 tundi tagasi

    pewdiepie: I just have a headache and a nose blead Me: Im dying HELP

  77. Lan Cuder
    Lan Cuder
    23 tundi tagasi

    Bruh they probably called tlc for them to call the real estate agent

  78. billseye gaming
    billseye gaming
    23 tundi tagasi

    Pewdiepie some time ago: Mobile games are cringe Also pewdiepie: gets sponsored by one Me: You became the very thing you swore to destroy

  79. Sanik
    Päev tagasi

    I hope the son spend the money on robux so they could have a taste of their medicine

  80. GoodStuff
    Päev tagasi

    Mr beast : yes. We need to help them

  81. Some Dude
    Some Dude
    Päev tagasi

    Soooo.... No gonna talk about how simple pewds endorse lords mobile?

    Päev tagasi

    Poor Kids

  83. Rizzi C.
    Rizzi C.
    Päev tagasi

    I can’t wait til the kids grow up and realize what they’ve done on live television.

  84. まいMai
    Päev tagasi

    There are poor families that live on less than what they're living on but don't have such a disgusting lifestyle. And they have the means to feed their kids well but chose not to? Such amazing parents.

  85. Gearz Xcon
    Gearz Xcon
    Päev tagasi

    Thats not a wrench! Lmao I know its a small detail but as someone who grew up with an angry mechanic for a father. It's hard for me not to cringe. Lmao

  86. Heisenblargh
    Päev tagasi

    "We split a pack of 4 bacon.." "Im so full i could not drink another thimble of water right now!"

  87. Heather
    Päev tagasi

    I haven't met anyone else who watches on X2! I thought I was weird 🤣

  88. MCnoG4mer LP
    MCnoG4mer LP
    Päev tagasi

    What did they do with all the money what the fuck

  89. DaBoz07
    Päev tagasi

    $20,000 for furniture... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?

  90. Bob Smith
    Bob Smith
    Päev tagasi

    Me watching this while I am eat mac and cheese

  91. VERRATEN ➊
    Päev tagasi

    14:42 the greatest war cry in the world

  92. Vilmer Svensson
    Vilmer Svensson
    Päev tagasi

    20:52 Baby: cries* Felix: BAHAHA!!!

  93. Wyatt F.
    Wyatt F.
    Päev tagasi

    Did the volume seem low

  94. Xander Geddes
    Xander Geddes
    Päev tagasi

    I'm surprised they actually use water to wash themselves and not just recycled saliva

  95. jexzy
    Päev tagasi

    why does his mic sound so bad

  96. Me Likes to Games
    Me Likes to Games
    Päev tagasi

    "if we don't need to buy anything new we wont" Fax: If your pan doesn't have a handle, you need to buy a new pan for safety reasons, vice grips or no vice grips.

  97. paris muñoz
    paris muñoz
    Päev tagasi

    This isn't cheap, this is NEGLECT. Rationing your children's food so sparse and using a 2 liter bottle for a shower head. You can get a new one for $5 at a dollar store. If you aren't willing to make sacrifices to give your children the BEST and most quality life possible you don't deserve them. I haven't even finished the video and I am appalled. These kids DESERVE better.

    1. Lauralaura
      5 tundi tagasi

      its ok to be cheap but it's going too far if it affects other people like this

  98. sunny 1019
    sunny 1019
    Päev tagasi

    The dad looks like the dad off of wizards of Waverly place

  99. sunny 1019
    sunny 1019
    Päev tagasi

    I always watch videos on 1.75 my fiance always asks me how can I understand what's going on 😆

  100. Shreemoyee Sircar
    Shreemoyee Sircar
    Päev tagasi

    I loved the haikyuu introduction.. 😁